Wim is freelance Agile Coach, Scrum Master and Product Owner with years of experience in Consulting & Coaching in Agile Product Management. His company is based in Oudewater, Utrecht province in The Netherlands.

Equipped with broad technical knowledge, gathered over the years as application designer, technical consultant, application developer, Scrum Master, Agile coach and Product Owner in complex environments, Wim is always trying to close the gap between business and IT.

Wim believes in trust and natural empathy and thinks this is the foundation of an optimal collaboration with developers, designers, architects, management and other stakeholders.

Over the years, Wim has learned to constantly looking for a clear vision on his products and setting achievable targets, asking the right questions, quickly learning the necessary domain knowledge, being organisational sensitive, managing stakeholders, decision making and setting priorities.

His ambition is to be active in different roles in complex domains and to help others, by coaching them on the job and writing articles about his experience in Agile software development & product management. The articles are based on his own experience with multiple development teams, organisations, stakeholders and customers. Have fun reading and hopefully it benefits you in your daily work.

Every company wants to build great products, products that bring value to the users. But many are struggling with this creative process. Wim can help you with this important process by fulfilling a roll within a team.

Wim is able to coach development teams, Product Owners, Analysts and leadership teams in Agile Transitions, Product & Portfolio Management and during the development phase of projects.

Product Initiations
How do you prepare projects in an Agile environment? Wim can guide you in this initiation phase with Agile Business cases, supplier contracts, organisational changes, roadmaps, etc.

We offer a variety of workshops that can help your organization and teams take the next step. Think of workshops about collaboration, behavior, agreements, creativity, etc. Specifically, I can help you create Team Manifesto, Definition of Done, Product Owner collaboration, Stakeholder Management, Outcome versus Output and many others.

If you have hiring requests, questions, remarks or ideas, let Wim know!