Every company wants to build great products, products that bring value to the users. But many are struggling with this creative process. Wim can help you with this important process by fulfilling a role within a team.

Coaching & Mentoring

Wim is able to coach or mentor development teams, Product Owners, Analysts and leadership teams in Agile Transitions, Product & Portfolio Management and during the development phase of projects.

Product Initiations

How do you prepare projects in an Agile environment? Wim can guide you in this initiation phase with Agile Business cases, supplier contracts, organisational changes, roadmaps, etc.

Latest Blog Posts

Blog posts about Wim's experience in Agile software development & product management

Stop Planning and Start Validating

Reading Time: 2 minutes Is management requesting planning sheets in which you give them insights on what you deliver and when? There are a couple of problems with classic planning approach. And there is an alternative which connects better Read more…

What makes a team?

Reading Time: 5 minutes What makes a team? We all know, if you put a bunch of people together, it isn’t necessarily a team. It’s still a bunch of people. But many individuals expect from this group, that they Read more…

Product Goal

Reading Time: 3 minutes In addition to my previous post about questions from the ‘more classical’ world regarding progress and the different methods of measuring progress, I’m now writing about another common and rather popular question: When is your Read more…


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